From the “Smashing Stuff Into Stuff” Department…

To prove that my abandonment of my math major doesn’t disqualify me as a nerd, I will very likely be awake at 7:30 tomorrow morning, seated expectantly in front of my computer, waiting for the LCROSS probe to impact the Moon’s south pole. I giggled fairly hard when Deep Impact smashed into the comet Tempel 1 a few years ago, and I’m embarrassingly giddy this time to be able to watch the event live.

Aside from the fact that it’s awesome, NASA are punching a hole on the lunar surface in order to study its composition, to find out how much water/hydroxyl is actaully down there. To steal a joke from Drew Carey: If they find some, you know what that means: another four-dollar bottle of imported water! But I digress.

The impact is to be broadcast live on NASA TV, and is scheduled to occur around 7:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Not for the first time, I curse the fact that I was born in the Southeast, because thanks to the Earth’s damnable rotation, I’m not going to be able to observe the impact directly. But I will be watching, and it will be awesome. Be there or be round. (See, I’m funny!)


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