NaNoWriMo 2009!

Oh, man. The magical season is upon us again. And good guess, but I don’t mean the Halloween season. I mean the glorious month of November, where thousands of people sweat out, bleed out, or otherwise excrete a 50,00o-word novel. National Novel-Writing Month returns again! I’m honestly a lot more excited than is reasonable, but I always have a really smashing time, and who knows, maybe this year I’ll actually make good on my promise to revise the aforementioned excretion.

Anyway, here’s a brief preview of this year’s novel:


Plenty of neurotic losers spend their high school years plotting the destruction of the human race. Jon Cordin may be the first to succeed…

To My Nasty Virus

Dear Virus,

Although I was thrilled to be chosen as your auspicious host, I believe that our relationship is over. Really, it’s over. Get your shit out of my closet, clean out my sinuses, and get packing. You are freakish and unnatural. You exhaust me. No 21-year-old should have the energy of an unhealthy 60-year-old man with a bad knee and a serious Nyquil habit. How the hell am I supposed to explain to my reader(s) why I haven’t been able to stick three coherent sentences together. It’s over. Move on. I have a wide variety of friends and relatives you can stay with. It’s time to broaden your horizons, spread your wings.


The Guy Who’s Been Sick For Two Months

The Weekly Limerick #1

Because it seems so much more entertaining than “The Weekly Update.”

As usual, not much to say.

School tends to fill up my days.

Played some new games, it’s true

I could write a review

But I probably won’t anyways.

From the “Smashing Stuff Into Stuff” Department…

To prove that my abandonment of my math major doesn’t disqualify me as a nerd, I will very likely be awake at 7:30 tomorrow morning, seated expectantly in front of my computer, waiting for the LCROSS probe to impact the Moon’s south pole. I giggled fairly hard when Deep Impact smashed into the comet Tempel 1 a few years ago, and I’m embarrassingly giddy this time to be able to watch the event live.

Aside from the fact that it’s awesome, NASA are punching a hole on the lunar surface in order to study its composition, to find out how much water/hydroxyl is actaully down there. To steal a joke from Drew Carey: If they find some, you know what that means: another four-dollar bottle of imported water! But I digress.

The impact is to be broadcast live on NASA TV, and is scheduled to occur around 7:31 AM Eastern Daylight Time. Not for the first time, I curse the fact that I was born in the Southeast, because thanks to the Earth’s damnable rotation, I’m not going to be able to observe the impact directly. But I will be watching, and it will be awesome. Be there or be round. (See, I’m funny!)