Update: A Marathon

As far as I can tell, the Sunday Writing Marathon will go ahead as planned (although, I’m thinking I’ll make it an eight to ten hour event, twelve is starting to seem a bit much). Although now, I’ve lost any opportunity for comfortable boredom with the idea, since I’ve decided I will not in fact be spending that time working on my current novel project, which I’ve decided to put on hold for the time being, since basically, I’m sick of the boring-ass main character and the boring-ass plot makes me want to punch myself in the nose.

In other words, now I have two frightening ordeals: trying to come up with a great, inspiring novel idea in the next sixteen hours, and then writing it for eight to ten hours. So, for anybody who was worried that this wasn’t going to be as painful, stupid, and humiliating as running a real marathon, it’s your lucky day!


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