Absence Yet Again: This Time, I Have an Excuse

Once again, I’ve been failing to post much of anything. Yesterday, it finally struck me that my readers might want to know why. The long and the short of it (actually, just the short of it; I’m too tired to write anything longwinded) is that I got tired of being a little pale remora on the underbelly of the global economy and get a job. Now, you might think that a person like me would end up in a cushy air-conditioned office job reading Dilbert six hours a day and secretly plotting to poison my boss. But no, I’m doing real work. That is to say, making fertilizer. That is to say, shoveling ten different kinds of shit for forty hours a week. It’s fairly exhausting work, and leaves me little time to do anything interesting during the day. I promise I’ll try to post something on the weekends, but I make no guarantees.

Just thought you should know.