The Weekly Update #6

The weekly update returns! If it was a movie series, right about now the former fans would be wondering how the hell I keep finding studios willing to produce this crap.

What I’m Reading Now: Still technically Neuromancer, I suppose, although I’ve mostly lost interest for the time being.

What I’m Writing Now: I may or may not be preparing to send the first chapter of a new novel to a few publishers to see if there’s any interest out there. And I may or may not keep you updated (depending on whether or not anything interesting happens).

What I’m Playing Now: An assortment of random crap. Mostly Burnout, and a couple of old-school games like Theme Hospital and SimTower. Also a little bit of Moonbase Commander, because I am apparently a masochist.

My Inspirational Thought of the Week: “Your parents and your teachers were wrong: by and large, the punishment for every mistake is not suffering, misery, and homelessness.”

2 Responses to “The Weekly Update #6”

  1. Derek Says:

    I love the inspirational thought. Going throughout the entire sim line? lol

  2. asymptote Says:

    Seeing as I just started playing SimCity classic, I guess I am 🙂

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