The Weekly Update #5

The saga continues to continue, although a day late this time. Sorry about that.

What I’m Reading Now: William Gibson’s Neuromancer. I think it’s supposed to be what jump-started science fiction’s cyberpunk phase, and where we got the term cyberspace. It’s decent enoug, although I’m only halfway through and it’s gotten a little tiresome.

What I’m Writing Now: Mostly, I’m just fiddling around with different ideas. If any of the stories based on said ideas ever get finished, I may or may not post some of them to the writings page. Also, I’m still technically revising Sirens, although the revisions have stalled for the moment.

What I’m Playing Now: Waaay too many games. I am, of course, still playing Burnout and Fallout, but I’ve also been fiddling around in SimAnt and a dumpy little strategy game called Moonbase Commander that I got at a discount store a few years ago.

My Inspirational Thought of the Week: “If you can’t stop worrying about something you can’t do anything about, then the next best solution is to tell yourself that, somehow, it’ll be taken care of.” Perhaps not the psychologically soundest solution, but I find it gets me through those dark days.


2 Responses to “The Weekly Update #5”

  1. Hamha109 Says:

    I’ve been wanting to read Neuromancer. Tell me how it is!

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