The Weekly Update #4

The saga continues!

What I’m Reading Now: I finally finished Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. As I’d feared, it had the same problem as   Christine: a lot of build-up and an unsatisfying climax (not much innuendo intended). I commend King for concentrating on the characters rather than the horror and excitement, but I was reading it for the horror and excitement. I’m also working my way through Philip K. Dick’s A Scanner Darkly, which I use to alleviate boredom while I exercise.

What I’m Writing Now: I’ve written a couple of short stories lately and may (possibly) have started on my next novel. Revisions on Sirens have stalled for the moment, but I’m about to re-start them again.

What I’m Playing Now: Having finally decided to get my ass in gear and move with the times, I broke down and bought an Xbox 360, and I’ve been playing an unreasonable amount of Burnout: Paradise and Fallout 3. If you want my opinion on those games: they have their problems, but as far as I’m concerned, there’s so much awesomeness sitting on my TV stand that it might burst into flames at any moment. (Also, be expecting a couple of micro-reviews in the near future).

My Inspirational Thought of the Week: “Never, ever, ever do something without a good reason. If you’re doing something for a reason other than the fact that you want to do it, take a break and reexamine things.”


One Response to “The Weekly Update #4”

  1. Derek Says:

    haha 360 all the way. Also a thing you might need to do is get halo 3. I know there is a lot of hype about it but it really is amazing. possibly the best game ever. You would probably like bioshock as well. In fact, I think you would love it. forget halo 3 for now and get bioshock. It gets a little mundane towards the end but overall an amazing game.

    trailer here:

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