New Short Stories: “E-Cology” and “Spiders”

I haven’t posted anything of real value recently, so I thought I’d make up for it. Two (two!) whole stories. They were both written a few months ago. Without further ado:

E-Cology — Rogue self-evolving computer viruses have laid waste to the Internet, and Amon, an uploaded human mind, has taken it upon himself to plunge into the e-wasteland and wipe the viruses out. But now, he’s on the viruses’ turf, and the Internet is a hostile place for a human. Now, he’s starting to wonder if he can actually combat the viruses, or if he can even survive at all…

Spiders — “There had been a lot of scourges before the Spiders came, but the invasion of the Spiders was the only one that came with an explicit explanation of purpose. That was a new wrinkle.”

Spiders is, I think, one of the better things I’ve ever written. I was “in the zone” with the imagery, as it were.


2 Responses to “New Short Stories: “E-Cology” and “Spiders””

  1. Derek Says:

    spiders is “page not found” yo

  2. asymptote Says:

    Sorry about that. It’s fixed now.

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