New Short Story: “The Flight of the Eagle”

I wrote this story a week or so ago, then forgot about it. When I read it through again, I liked it, so I thought I’d upload it. You can read The Flight of the Eagle here.

Another in my (rapidly lengthening) series of short stories about “The Harvest” (The Long Wait is part of that series, and the only other Harves story I’ve published here), this one is best summarized by its opening lines:

Glenn called himself the Last Free Man. From ten thousand feet, he saw the troubled world below only as intervals of brown and green between the white clouds. That was no longer the world he lived in. Now, he was a creature of the sky, gliding along on photovoltaic wings, flying by the power of the sun.

Like all my Harvest stories, this one is pretty existential, so don’t read it if you’re depressed. I hope to add more of the stories from the series later on, but hopefully, you get the general idea. Enjoy!


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