The Future of Neural Networks

I found this video some time ago when I was searching YouTube for interesting demonstrations of neural networks. It is, by far, the best explanation of modern Neural-Net theory that I’ve ever encountered, and I thought that some of you out in cyberspace might enjoy it as well.

The video is presented by Geoffrey Hinton, a machine-learning pioneer. His treatment of what he calls “Restricted Boltzmann Machine” neural nets is incredibly nuanced and mathematically rigorous, a — and forgive the cliché here — must-see for machine-learning enthusiasts. An excellent presentation based on an excellent idea, and certainly the most brain-like (maybe even mind-like) system I’ve ever seen. Some of the particular Machines he explores can do some fairly amazing things, like natural character recognition and sorting documents by semantic content.  And he manages to throw in a joke or two, as well.

You can find the video here. Enjoy.


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  1. Geoff Hinton Says:


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