My regular readers (if there are any still left) may have noticed that I’ve been quite inactive over the last few weeks. Well, I thought I ought to explain that. You see, last week and the weeks before that, I was laboring under a mound of late-in-the-semester homework and the preparation for final exams. And this week, I’ve spent most of my time decompressing and trying to deal with a strange case of insomnia that hit me out of the blue. I promise, though, that once I’ve got my head back together, I’ll be back with some more thoughts and speculations.

And many thanks to the readers who’ve stuck by me through my little random hiatuses (hiati?).


One Response to “Absence”

  1. Derek Says:

    hah, done with school for the summer. horray WSU! hope you do good in finals and stuff. i gotta read the iron man review now. kthxby

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