I can’t believe it. It was only a few months ago that I was celebrating my 5,000th view. I guess my intuition was right, people are more interested in blogs that actually talk about something interesting, rather than just blathering on about the weather. You’d think I would have figured that out before now.

Anyway, in celebration of my 10,000th view, I give you: every number less than or equal to 10,000, with the primes highlighted. Yes, I know I’ve done an image like this before, but I thought it would be fitting.

Many thanks to all of my 10,000 readers thus far, and thanks especially those of you who were nice enough to leave all those encouraging comments!

And here’s hoping for another 10,000!


Visual Numbers #2

Factors: The numbers from 1 to 500 are plotted horizontally across the top row. Along each vertical column, if N divides the number X (represented here by distance across the top row) evenly (that is, if N is a factor of X), then the pixel N pixels down from the top is black.

Prime Factors: The same general principle as above, but in this image, only the prime factors are shown.

Blue Over Yellow: Basically, a combination of the previous two images. Numbers from 1 to 250 are plotted horizontally, and factors are plotted vertically. If a factor is prime, the little square representing it is blue, otherwise, it’s yellow.

That tantalizing structure is still just slightly out of reach…Oh well, back to work!