Visual Numbers #1

This is the beginning of what I hope will be a fairly long-running series of posts, each containing one or two (or three, if I’m feeling adventurous) numerical or mathematical visualizations. If you need a concrete example of what I’m talking about, just check out the image here).

Anyway, here goes:

Meet the Primes: Every pixel represents a number from 1 to 250,000. The image wraps horizontally; that is, the first pixel of the first row is the number 1, the first pixel of the second row is 501 (since each row is 500 pixels wide), the first pixel of the third row is 101, and so on and so on. Pixels representing prime numbers are black. From this view, it’s quite obvious that there’s likely some sort of structure to the primes, but it’s hard to say what that structure might be.


6 Responses to “Visual Numbers #1”

  1. Derek Says:

    what do the dark pixels and light pixels represent?

  2. Derek Says:

    wait I found it nevermind

  3. Derek Says:

    reminds me of the matrix. DNA possibly, wouldn’t that be cool.

  4. asymptote Says:

    It WOULD be awesome if I could do my own DNA or something. I suppose, technically, I could do some kind of color-coding image based on some sequence on GenBank or something, but I find GenBank terribly hard to use.

    Also, I really must check my algorithm to make sure those blank bands are actual numerical realities…

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