R.I.P., Arthur C. Clarke

No doubt there is going to be quite an outpouring of posts like this on all the nerd blogs all over the world, but I don’t care. It still needs to be said.

Today, Arthur C. Clarke, one of the most well-known science fiction writers and futurists of the twentieth century, died.

I’m not going to launch into a long, sentimental retrospective of the man’s life. That’s what obituaries are for. I just wanted to say that he will be missed. A lot.

R.I.P., Arthur C. Clarke

December 16th, 1917 — March 19th, 2008


One Response to “R.I.P., Arthur C. Clarke”

  1. Greg Williams Says:

    Hi Math Major –

    I came across your blog item about the looming “helium shortage” while doing some online research – and I wanted to see whether you would allow me adapt it as a future installment of my weekly comic, “Blogjam.”

    “Blogjam” is published by The Tampa Tribune, and appears online at TBO.com. You can see earlier examples of the comic here: http://www2.tbo.com/static/sections/tbo-entertainment-comics-blogjam/

    If this interests you, please message me at gwilliams@tampatrib.com


    Greg Williams

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