Happy Pi Day

As a card-carrying nerd (all right, so there is no card, but there should be), I am obligated to wish my readers a happy pi day. Today is March th 14th, which means that the date is 3-14. To commemorate the occasion, I present to you: all the digits of pi that I have memorized:


Okay, so it’s not much, but I occasionally forget my own telephone number, so it’s quite a feat as far as I’m concerned.

Pi has always been one of my favorite mathematical constants. It’s probably the most abstract. What pi is to me is the perfect expression of the structure of mathematics, a sort of symbol for the deeper order that lurks beneath the foamy surface of our universe. Pi is built into the structure of everything, from the geometry of spacetime to the fluctuations of quantum mechanics, and I have a hunch that it will appear in some form at the intersection of the two. I like to think of it, if you’ll forgive the theological reference, as God’s Rivet, the little pin that holds everything else together.

So, happy pi day.

And also, happy birthday Albert.

And I hope you’ll all join me in my Ultimate Pi Day celebration on March 14th, 2015, at 9:26 and 53 seconds (AM or PM, your choice)!


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