Environmental “Protection” Agency

Since I was young, I’ve always been something of an environmentalist. I haven’t been a passionate environmentalist for years, and here’s why: I gave up. I eventually realized that a government will enact environmental legislation only when it serves them to do so, and that they’ll ignore it when whatever crisis they were protecting themselves against has passed.

It’s a lucky thing I’m not passionate anymore, because if I were, then I would be up in arms right now, yelling in the streets. And nobody wants that.

Here’s what’s gotten under my skin lately: very recently, California attempted to pass environmental regulations much tougher than those mandated nationwide. As California is one of the most polluted states and, paradoxically, one of the most environmentally-conscious — they were the ones, after all, who mandated a quota of zero-emissions (electric) vehicles, before the industry shut them down — this would seem rather logical. And, of course, logic and government don’t mix well, so something went wrong.

I suppose I should learn to expect such things, in this age of do-nothing, get-out-before-the-ship-sinks government, but what happened surprised even cynical old me: the EPA overruled California. Yes, that’s right, I said the EPA. Those letters used to stand for “Environmental Protection Agency.” Given their recent actions, I would recommend we change their meaning to something more appropriate, preferably with a couple of expletives in there. My suggestion is “Excessively Petty Assholes.”

Many will no doubt think this judgment too harsh, but my sordid tale is not finished. California’s regulations were put in place because Californians complain that global warming threatens their water supplies, their agricultures, and — given the increased incidence of forest fires that warming brings — their population. The EPA’s response? “Not on your life!” The EPA actually attempted to claim that there was not a credible threat to justify such harsh local environmental regulations. What!?!? California, as a coastal state, will probably be one of the first states to face a credible threat from global warming. Hell, they’ve already faced a credible threat from global warming! Didn’t they have a terrible fire a few weeks ago?!

It gets worse. The EPA also said that global warming regulations should be nationwide, not local. Right. Because those nationwide regulations were getting passed in a real damned hurry. To me, this looks suspiciously like the current do-nothing administration just buying time until they can inflate their golden parachutes. I just hope that when the forests star to slowly burn away, the coastlines flood and erode as the icecaps melt, the North Atlantic current breaks down, freezing Britain under an ice-age glacier, and the water-shortage wars in Africa and the Middle East spread worldwide, that the fifty years of environmentally-ignorant politicians we’ve suffered through are mostly still alive, so that with whatever breath the toxic atmosphere will allow us, we can all point and laugh at them.

Hm…that was a bit cynical even for me. Note to self: don’t write any more posts early in the morning.


2 Responses to “Environmental “Protection” Agency”

  1. Robin Says:

    Whilst I see the need for the US to pursue some kind of coordinated national policy on cutting emissions (which I assume is why the EPA actually didn’t like California acting alone…either that or they wanted the credit for this kind of scheme) I agree with you that it’s absolutely absurd that they would move to shut down such progress in the state for reasons which, as you’ve said, are a nothing put a pile of tosh.

  2. truthseeker1234 Says:

    Same old story about government. And anything else for that matter – health care, regulatory agencies, corporations, etc…

    I’d hate to sound mean but I’ve been starting to shift my opinion lately. I say – let the plagues come! Let the icecaps melt! Let the forests burn! Let the wars spread through the earth! Let every man woman and child hold a beloved man woman and child who is dead in their arms and let them suffer. I never changed until I suffered. I am stubborn. Humanity in general is stubborn. We will not drop what we’re doing take to the streets and demand a better world until the world as we know it is coming down on us. We will reap what we sow and as long as we sow fear and ignorance we will sow disaster upon ourselves. It is not punishment from some higher power – it is a law of our world. When we fear we get closer and closer to death.

    Fear is when we know someone is doing something wrong and we don’t speak up. Fear is when we hold our position and not dare to rock the boat to keep ourselves safe. Fear is keeping our old concepts in line when they no longer work for our changing world. We will not gamble to change our world until we have nothing to lose. We are so attached to our current holdings and we fear loss so much that we cannot make another play to save our world. We think we are safe when we don’t take action but this is an illusion. The forces of the world who are ignorant and jaded are destroying our world and we’re not doing anything to stop them – thus they are winning. It’s like playing heads up in hold em’ poker and not playing aggressively. The game just drags on and on but the more skilled player is slowly winning. Soon we will have no chips as leverage to play against them and we will most certainly lose. The odds are not in our favor – the deck is already stacked against us and still we wait.

    Thus let disaster come. Suffering and pain opens eyes like nothing else can. They will shock our consciousness to the point of breaking our false reality. You never know what you got till it’s gone.

    Some of us don’t want this to happen though so let’s start gearing down and making some serious plays.

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