The Halfway Mark

I can hardly believe it, but somehow, against all the laws of nature, I have managed to reach the halfway mark (25,000 words) of this year’s National Novel-Writing Month novel. This is definitely a personal record.

That said, I’m incredibly dissatisfied with the result. So far, I’ve got a meandery, trashy, nonsensical, almost pornographic attempt at a romance novel. Somehow I knew when I started that my attempt to write romance would not come off as planned.

It’s certainly been an experience so far, though. And it feels like, this time, even after the arbitrary deadline of NaNoWriMo has passed (this deadline, for some reason, has always been the only thing that could ever motivate me to finish a novel. Go figure), maybe I’ll be able to get started on my next book right away. Yay! Or, perhaps, I’ll finally get around to making the necessary revisions to my NaNo novel from last year, which, it seems, would probably have a much better chance of actually getting published.


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