Daylight “Savings” Time

Since I was a little kid, I’ve always been mystified by the practice of Daylight Savings Time. It’s always struck me as one of humanity’s most illogical practices, and considering what humanity is like, that’s saying a lot.

The very idea of Daylight Savings Time annoys me to no end.

Mister Government: Okay, remember to set your clocks ahead so that your internal clock will be confused all day!

Humanity: But why? It doesn’t help anybody!

Mister Government: It’s so the farmers can have an extra hour to work in the fields!

Humanity: But most farming these days is done by machines, many of which are computerized, and many farms are becoming part of large corporations.

Mister Government: Do it because I say so!

Humanity: Okay…

Mister Government: You didn’t say “Simon Says.”

But the final insult: the government has decided this year to arbitrarily move this already-arbitrary event a couple of months earlier than usual! And the justification for this idiotic move? To save energy. Now, perhaps in other circumstances, perhaps with different people in government, this might not seem like such an insane decision. But we’re talking about the administration that gives tax breaks for people buying gas-guzzling Hummers. The same administration that actively discouraged almost every type of energy-efficient vehicle that ever came down the line.

Can you tell that I’m pissed about this?


5 Responses to “Daylight “Savings” Time”

  1. Math Articles » Daylight “Savings” Time Says:

    […] post by asymptote and software by Elliott […]

  2. frecklescassie Says:

    It DEFINITELY helps those of us who like to skate or run or play basketball after school!

  3. Jeffrey Says:

    I have a new thought entirely, lets roll back an hour in the fall, and 23 in the spring! Agreed?

  4. asymptote Says:

    I’ve always wanted to roll back an hour every month, so that when you get used to the “extra hour,” you get another one! I mean, it might be kind of odd having “morning” in the middle of the night, but I think it would be refreshing!

  5. frecklescassie Says:

    Those are two of the silliest ideas that anyone ever proposed.

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