A Quick Note

As I usually do around once a day, I logged into my blog yesterday to check my stats. Obviously this is something less than the most prestigious blog in the world, and I’m usually fairly pleased when my number of views reaches my all-time world record of…14 views. So, it was much to my surprise when I logged in yesterday and found a whopping (and yes, it is whopping. Hey, I don’t try to dictate your reality, don’t dictate mine) 38 views. So I enjoyed my little fifteen seconds of minuscule fame, until I scrolled down the stats page to see just what those 38 people had Googled in order to find me. The answer was a bit of a letdown.

It turns out that people were searching for information about the Toyota Yaris, the car which I wrote about as a candidate to replace my old one. And while many people in my position would simply be happy to get this many views, I have some problems with this:

  1. With this blog, I’ve always tried to be a throwback to that bring back the sixties, fight the system, the Man is keeping us down, the corporate machine is ruining the world sort of information-dispersal-campaign rebellion. And what did I do? I managed to inadvertently associate myself with a massive, wealthy corporate venture. And not only that, I’ve now also become associated with a name under the umbrella of the ALMIGHTY ©.
  2. Out of all the posts I’ve written, the puny little one about the new car I was considering hardly merits a thorough reading. And yet that lousy post has now gotten more publicity than all of my good posts combined. (I mean, look at the post. It’s hardly a stunning treatise. I guess people really go for pictures…)
  3. Now, I do understand somebody Googling the Yaris, especially if they were considering buying one. What I don’t understand is why somebody would read a blog post of all things about it, and what’s more, a post in a blog called “The Life of a Math Major.” Do math majors really have that much social authority? I mean, I know we have a sexy celebrity air about us (shut up, you know it’s true…), I just didn’t realize just how much people sought our opinions (I can hear you giggling. Stop it!)

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