Spring Break, at Last

Now, before you pass judgment, you should know that I don’t do the typical young-person thing and, as Bill Amend once said “buy into the media fantasy sold to me by MTV.” I don’t go to the beach. I don’t run around naked, drinking until my liver cries out for mercy. The only real reason I’m looking forward to spring break is that I need a rest. If I even go where, I’m just going to go to central North Carolina, and hang around in the rural countryside for a while.

I can already sense the reader’s questions: why do I need a break? Well, I’ve been on a crappy emotional rollercoaster for the past two or three weeks. First, I crashed my car. Then, I got hit with the problems in Linear Algebra and my Computer course. Then I started feeling much better. And now, I find myself, once again, rollercoasting (?) down the hill. There seems to be a problem with the submission of my laborious Group Lab, which has been tormenting me for two weeks now. Hopefully, it’s only temporary.

And, to answer the question “Why the hell are you driving to the middle of nowhere?”: I just want to see a place that has some horizons. Where I live, there are trees, trees as far as the eye can see. You see no hills. You see no mountains in the blue distance. All you see is a never-ending carpet of trees, surrounded by a wasteland of strip-malls and subdivisions. I think it would do me good to see some real trees and some real hills again.



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