New Car, Continued

Well, I’ve visited a few dealerships in my area, and it looks like the car I’m most likely to end up with is the Toyota Yaris.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I hate all car commercials, and doubly-so the bizarre and completely nonsensical ads for the Yaris, but after looking at them and test-driving one, it seems that I’m hooked. It’s quite a fuel-efficient car, and I’ve heard many good things about it, and after the test-drive, I’m afraid that I’m going to have to sound like an advertiser, but it’s smooth and has plenty of get-up. What really sold me, though, is its compactness and its almost European hatchback look:

So, it appears that I’ll finally be able to cut back on my own contribution to the slow destruction of the planet. I’ll also finally be getting rid of all the odd looks people gave me when I drove up in my grandmotherly white station wagon. Maybe I’ll even be able to keep this car reasonably clean. (My Volvo got so dusty at one point that its color changed from blinding white to “eggshell.”)

My only concern is what will happen if I get into an accident with one of those horrid, massive SUV’s out there:

Investigator: What’s happened here?

Police Officer: A Hummer ran the red light and hit that little hatchback.

Investigator: Wow…looks like a pancake.

Police Officer: Yeah.

Investigator: What’s with that fuzzy soccer ball?

Police Officer: That’s the driver’s head.

(Side Note: Doesn’t the little antenna sticking out of the top make it look a bit like a remote-control car?)

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