New Car

Well, the automotive hospital has finally pulled the plug on my poor, dying car. Its mechanical organs will now be divvied up and transplanted into Volvos in serious need of parts. I guess that little red organ-donor heart on my driver’s license didn’t just apply to me…

And thus, the search begins for my new automotive consort. I will be journeying out into the desert of the Urban Sprawl in search of something less bulky, something more economical; something with more curves than my erstwhile Volvo. Perhaps a member of the race of fair Toyotas…

Well, that’s about as much metaphor as I can handle. The long and the short of it: I’m buying a new car. I’m looking at a Toyota, which means I’ll be driving a modern car for the first time in my life, as my ex-car was a 1998. I’m hoping for something that doesn’t have those damned hard-to-maintain leather seats.

So, soon, my new consort and I will be one, and I will once again drive horizon to horizon in an endless journey…sorry… couldn’t help it…

Just a slice of my life…


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