What is the Sound of Relief?

Well, I get the feeling it sounds something like the sound I just made: Wheeeeeew… This, of course, begs the question: what caused me to make such a strange sound? The cause is simple: the week from hell is finally over. One final class, and I get the weekend (mostly) to myself. And boy, do I need it. When I finally got home yesterday, after making up the biology lab that I missed after wrecking my car, I felt as though I’d been beaten witha stick. I had enough time to have a shower, eat dinner, and go to sleep, in that order.

This probably sounds like the opening of yet another rant. It wasn’t actually supposed to be. I just felt like expressing my sheer delight that I’m finally getting things in order, and I’ll finally get a break for a little while. And, in the week to come, I’m finally going to get a chance to have an appointment with my linear algebra professor and get all that sorted out. So, all in all, barring some ridiculous catastrophe, things are starting to look up at last.

Oh, and I actually managed to do quite well on the calculus exam I had expected to fail. An 81 may not seem to be a stellar grade, but when you consider that most of the class did poorly enough that he’s offering a re-test, and using a 15-point grading scale instead of the usual 10-point one, I think I’m doing quite well!


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