A bit of advice to any fellow math majors: do your homework immediately. Do your homework the moment you get back to the dorm. In fact, do your homework while you’re walking to your dorm. Actually, learn clairvoyance and do your homework the day before it’s assigned. Don’t do what I did and learn that the hard way. I somehow managed to bungle my time so badly that I left myself something like two hours to get through 86 questions of Calculus homework, and I am hardly confident about the grade. I have just this to say: Ugh!!!

My linear algebra class appears to be kicking my ass as well. Another class where you have to do your homework quite in advance. The actual arithmetic is quite simple, but apparently, I’m making a mistake somewhere along the way. It would seem from this and from my middle-school math experience, that I’m violently allergic to anything with “algebra” in the title.


One Response to “OW!!!”

  1. Royce Says:

    I’ve always practiced doing my homework right as I got home. It’s become quite a habit now.

    I can understand why people procrastinate, but, meh…

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