Words I’d Like to See Expelled from the English Language

Yes, I know, another rant, but I think I’ll have the backing of a fairly sizeable segment of the populaton here.

And thus, my list of words that should be purged from informal English:

  • LOL (when actually pronounced, and to a lesser extent when spelled)
  • pwn, or any variation or extension there of
  • n00b, and all variants
  • Wow, Ooh, and all other common exclamations used in an overly sarcastic manner
  • pr0n (what a sad, sad means of denial)
  • Any, and I repeat ANY word that has an X in it when it should not.
  • Any word that has the first phoneme replaced with another for alliterative purposes
  • Headshot (Those of you who have experienced the same revulsion as I have with the Counter-Strike culture will know exactly what I mean)
  • WoW (In reference to World of Warcraft, which is not hard enough to pronounce to require an acronym)
  • fag (just what we need: friend-to-friend condescension and homophobia all rolled into one…)
  • hax0r (the glory days of the hackers ended as soon as hacking began to be taught in universities, and on the Internet)
  • w00t, and variations (the English language does not, and I repeat does not need any more exclamatory words)

I don’t know how these words managed to remain popular for as long as they have. It boggles the mind.


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