Ranting About The Superbowl

Warning: To all you hardcore football fans, the following is a bit of an anti-football rant. I’m sorry, I’ve just never liked the sport.

Well, Superbowl XLI is upon us (XLI…that sounds like soemthing from a car advertisement…). And also upon us are the hordes of people who compensate for their junk-food hedonism by saying “I just watch it for the ads.” Give me a break. That’s like saying “I went to war just to get shot in the leg.” This comic pretty much sums up my opinion on that particular subject.

I’ve also discovered that, apparently, many churches have been, for some time, using the superbowl as a means to recruit new members. That strikes me as rather odd, and perhaps a bit too shady a tactic for religious people. Well, apparently the NFL is similar-minded (that’s a frightening thought; me thinking like the NFL), and have invoked the power of the ALMIGHTY ©, and decided that it was a violation of their copyright for anybody to publicly show the superbowl on a screen larger than 55 inches (how the hell do they pick a figure like that?). Okay…that might be logical in some way…except, they’ve furnished an exception to bars and other venues that “Regularly show NFL games to large audiences.” Wow, that’s awfully specific…kinda get the feeling they’re intentionally modifying their market just a bit?

Okay, for all you NFL fans, I’m finished with my yearly rant. You can uncover your childrens’ eyes now.


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