“Non-Binding Resolutions” and Other Odd Things to Do

Though I used to be somewhat political, I, just like pretty much every other university student I’ve met, have completely burned out on politics, and I (most of the time) vehemently refuse to swear allegiance to any particular bit of the infamous “political spectrum”, sometimes I simply must say something about Congress’s “Non-Binding Resolution” against President Bush’s “Troop Surge” in Iraq: What the hell??? A non-binding resolution? That’s like someone going into a fistfight and saying “Wait, wait! If you don’t hit me, I’ll be your bestest friend!” I sigh loudly.

But, in the interest of cameral balance, I’ll say this to the executive branch: What the hell??? “Global warming is a hoax!”? Do the politicians who say this never step outside or something? Hell, I’ve noticed global warming in my lifetime (note the entry “From Powder To Mush”, where I noted that my area hasn’t had snow since 2004)! I sigh loudly!


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