Sex, Drugs, and Brian Eno

A brilliant title for a rather mundane entry. I just thought I should add something more to my blog than a blanked update about the various things that have happened in the two months since last I “graced” (I can hear you snickering over there!) these pages (or e-pages, if you like).

I suppose a title like this really needs some explanation. Sex: The hunt for a girlfriend goes on; the emotional rancor this causes is exacerbated by the fact that I haven’t had anything close to a girlfriend since kindergarten (I can hear you snickering again). Drugs: If apathy was a drug, you’d see me hanging out at Infinity’s End for twelve hours, staring at shirts, and sharing a laugh with my good buddy Herbert the Purple Hyper-Potato. Brian Eno: Well, I’m more of a New-Age guy than a Rock & Roll guy.

That’s that explained. And there I was thinking I had a good title…

Now, on to the purpose of this entry: I am a fool. I’ve managed to mince my schedule. Mince it into little tiny, easy-to-swallow but hard-to-digest pieces. And I’ve somehow managed to make myself completely miserable and lazy. (Is this my big talent? If so, I want a damn refund!) Not only have I bombed my Linear Albebra quiz (60/100), and probably my last Calculus quiz (Ooh! And we have an exam in Calculus tomorrow, I think…or is it some other day…), but I’ve somehow managed to take a cushy Computer Science class in which I know everything, and which assigns a hell of a lot of homework.

Just as I can hear you snickering, I can also hear you saying “Well, if you know everything, it should be easy!” But it’s still homework. And it’s still annoying. And it’s still more work than you might think. But the worst part is that every assignment, I’m reminded of my own idiocy for signing up for a class far below my computer-literacy level.

All right, then. I’ve finally got that nasty rant out of my system. Now that I’ve gotten two months of bottled-up whining done with, the next entry won’t be several paragraphs of bitching…

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  1. Hercule Alfred Says: – Tilt-up Concrete Construction

    Thank you for your post!

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