Midnight Oil

Well, I’m not technically burning any midnight oil, but I was going to write something about it being Friday, until I loked at the clock and realized that it wasn’t…stupid midnight, screwing up my grand plan.

I forgot my own rule of thumb: only write a blog if something actually happened. Well, nothing really did. The most significant thing that I managed to do today was write some more of my “novel.”

And, while I was on a mediocre-creativity binge, I managed to pull from my bored brain a Half-Life 2 webcomic of sorts. I say “of sorts”, because it really didn’t turn out the way I’d been hoping. And nobody’s actually told me what they think of it yet, so I can’t really judge if the joke was any good or not.

As I look back over this entry and ponder the mysteries of my life, one grand principle comes to mind: I have to stop writing when I’m tired…


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