Give Me More!!!

Well, Charlie got his grades for his Senior Exit thingy already. I really thought it would have taken longer than that. I seem to remember that it took quite a while when I did mine. I guess times change.

The long and the short of it is…he got a one! A one! I can’t fucking believe it! That’s the worst possible grade, other than an “NS” (which you get if you turn in, say, a piece of paper with scribbled letters on it). A one? After we both worked for basically the entire afternoon for two days to get it right? A one? After all our careful work with substandard equipment and horrendous time pressure? Damn you, Senior Exit judges, damn you!

I don’t understand how this happened, and actaully I’m kind of ashamed. I spent two days making a crappy trifold board with a poorly-made drawing of a potential Mars spacecraft, and I at least got a two. He had a video and a posterboard!

I’m not going to dance around the issue any longer. I think that some teacher recognized his voice in the video, some teacher who had a vendetta against him, or who assumed he was the type who wasn’t going anywhere in life, and decided that he didn’t deserve to succeed. Sure, he’s not the world’s greatest student, but he did try on this. The judges made some sort of comment like “Your sound quality was bad, your ending sucked, the camerawork was third-rate, and your characters were one-dimensional.” Damn it!

He’s planning to appeal it to see if he can get a more reasonable score. I hope it works out. He’s a good kid, and I don’t want to see his graduation jeopardized by the stupidest project ever conceived. I think the only project more idiotic than the Senior Exit was maybe the NASA mission where the spacecraft was lost because they had a metric-U.S. unit mismatch.


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