I’ve often heard and contemplated the expression “The day exploded in my face.” Well, today, I actually got to see an example of the phenomenon.

I got home, and for once, I was feeling highly productive. I took off my shoes and deposited my satchel in a more orderly manner than usual, and then checked the messages on the answering machine. My friend Charlie had called, and wanted me to call him back straight away. So I did, and that’s about the point at which the day detonated.

Charlie needed some help with his Senior Exit project, and he was foolish enough to do what I did when I was working on mine: Leave two days to work on the product. So I have to find the camcorder, get out the equipment, and get everything ready, all the while having lunch and contemplating which homework I’m going to do when I get finished helping him.

But it turns out that he didn’t just want help setting up the camcorder; he wanted help with the actual filming. So I ended up the park for about an hour and a half trying to get interviews with total strangers, most of whom were either strange or uncooperative. We did meet an old man with a cool hat, though.

After I got home and had been fooling around on the computer for a while, I decided to do my calculus homework. My productivity was by now pretty much drained. I went upstairs to find a pen, and I opened my mail. What do I find but an overdraft notice from the bank. Apparently purchasing my domain name drained my debit account completely. On top of that, I now have to pay a $34 fee. On top of THAT, my father had to lend me the money to pay all that off, and now I just know that he’s going to expect me to do some work up at the office (where I work sometimes) to pay him back.

But wait, there’s more! Now I have to spend the majority of my afternoon tomorrow trying to find seventeen more people in the park to interview, along with writing some of the reply letters to papers from other students in my English class, as well as finishing as much of my calculus as I can, and leave enough time to watch House.

And I’ve got an exam on Wednesday.

And I’m not actually totally sure about the whole mechanics of my English paper, which is probably a sizeable chunk of my final grade.

If karma truly exists, then I must have done something truly awful and not noticed it. My whole week sucks.

…And I need to get gas for my car, with nothing on my debit card, with more lent money.

This exasperated rant brought to you by Life, from the creators of The Universe. More reports as events warrant.


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