The Fog Lifts (Sort Of)

I finally managed to do something blog-worthy, although I may have picked a bad morning to write about it.

We had our big annual Halloween party on Saturday. We initially thought nobody was coming, but in the end, it turned out everybody did. As per tradition, we all ate a pancreas-curdling amount of candy, then ran around like fools until it wore off, then fell asleep.

The day after the party—while we were all still recovering from our fructose hangovers—some of the guys hung around playing Garry’s Mod on the computer. It turned out to be a good weekend. I even managed to get my English paper “finished”.

Of course, now that I’ve mentioned Garry’s Mod, that reminded me that something has compelled a bunch of my other games to refuse to work.

Lovely…I’ve managed not to see the bright side once again…