The Worst Story Ever Told…

Now that I think about it, writing a blog about my life is like making a documentary about dryer lint: You know somebody’s going to do it, but you make a point of not watching it…

I say this because the only big event today was that I finally tried the Chik-Fil-A food at UNCC (my college). It wasn’t bad, but I managed to make myself look like a complete and utter dumbass in the middle of a crowd. First, I didn’t know what type of account was on my “49er card” (these great little ID cards that you can put money on, etc.), then I managed to nearly drop my food on the floor (Mr. Smooth makes a fantastic recovery!)…then, I left my wallet on the floor by mistake, and fumbled my way outside.

The high point of my day was to discover that there’s a whole little ecosystem of tiny, fearless brown birds whose very existence depend on the manifold food debris that the students leave scattered around the terrace. I half expected one of them to try to steal my food, but none ever did.

“The Life”…good title for a very ordinary blog…


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