English, the Confusing Language

I don’t know what I was thinking putting off the English homework that I had this weekend. I guess I assumed that this would be one of those little 48-hour colds. Wrong!

We’re being forced to write according to a very specific guideline. That’s nothing new to me. That was the only way they even taught writing when I was in school. I suppose I’d been hoping that I would be able to get away from all that when I entered college.

It’s not so bad, though. At least I don’t have to actually write the paper today, I just have to pick a topic and sort of lay out what I want to argue about it.

I really hope I feel a lot better tomorrow. Since I got sick on Thursday, I’ve been feeling more and more apathetic and branless all the time. More than anything else, I hope that passes soon.

So there you go. I promised myself that I wasn’t going to rant about being ill for yet another blog entry, and I still managed! Yay…


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