I know, crappy title…give me a break, I’m sick.

I have been so unproductive today that I’m beginning to feel less like 1.0 people and more like 0.89, or something to that effect. I lounged about basically all day, watched cooking shows for a few hours, and re-read some of the Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease stories. I don’t know why, but I find stories of CJD morbidly fascinating. Perhaps it’s just a deep human sympathy…something I didn’t think I had at all.

My ear is so incredibly congested that I’m starting to worry. Of course, I can’t read too much into that, seeing as I’m still recovering from my bout with hypochondria in the summer of 2005…

Wow! I’ve discovered a new talent: the ability to write blogs without any motivation at all. Hopefully I’ll kick this damned virus soon and finally have something interesting to say.

Until then: enjoy my nonsensical ranting and rambling, two or three times a day! Same time, same channel!


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